one token to diversify your fantoM portfoliO

DiversiFi Crypto's Mission is to Bring Crypto Projects Together To Leverage Resources And Grow With A Shared Vision

For new investors to the Fantom Chain, DiversiFi provides a vetted list of tokens to select from providing exposure to great Fantom Projects.  For more seasoned Fantom Experts, DiversiFi delivers top tier tokens directly to holders at no extra cost.

DiversiFi Crypto aims to facilitate growth of the Fantom chain through linking projects and communities with the tools, resources, and networks needed to push collective chain growth

What Makes DiversiFi Unique

DiversiFi's custom-Crafted Rewards System

DiversiFi allows holders to receive a percentage of trading volume based on their holding of $DFi with it’s Custom Rewards System. Holders can select the token they want to automatically receive as their reward from the curated list of available tokens. 

DiversiFi solves security issues with staking

DiversiFi holders have the opportunity to lock their $DFi Tokens to earn an increased share of the Rewards Pool with a Locking System. The longer DiversiFi Tokens are locked, the more Bonus Rewards can be earned! You maintain ownership of your $DFi throughout

Fantom squad NFT Line and NFT Staking

DiversiFi is currently minting it’s first Fantom Squad NFT collection.  This collection of 2600 NFT’s can already be staked to earn daily $DFi Rewards with more developments coming soon.  Partner NFT Staking Pools coming soon! 

DiversiFi Reward Options

Distribution (10,000,000 $DFi)



FantomSquad NFTs

What are Fantom Squad NFTs?

FantomSquad is the first NFT utility collection of 2,600 Bat NFTs with hundreds of elements inspired by $DFi Token partners, daily life, mythology, and much more.

Fantom Squad NFT Staking

To gain access to a large pool of $DFi Tokens, simply stake and hold Fantom Squad NFTs.  The more NFTs you own, the more $DFi Tokens you can receive!


Launch Initiation
Phase 1 Implementation
Phase 2 Cultivation

Buy From Multiple Chains

SpookySwap Dex and Bridge


FibSwap Cross-chain Dex


Liquid Future


He's the man with the plan! A wizard of all things Solidity! Driven and committed to his community and roadmap.


Fantom Squad Artist, Graphics

If you can dream it, he can design it. He brings creativity and quality to the forefront of everything he's involved in.



An expert at creating lasting relationships in the cryptosphere. An opportunist that believes working with others will help grow Fantom!


Graphic Artist

An insanely-talented artist that captivates her audience with her visual experiences. She can design anything the team thinks of!


Marketing and Strategy

A tenured marketer that is well-connected for all needs. He is devoted and passionate about getting Diversifi the attention it deserves.